Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day "Ummi"

people always think that they r great in person, as which they r now almost complete perfect or half perfect or even some people thought that they can never be perfect. i always thought that to myself. im not perfect for other people but i put it this way. i just defined myself as perfect as i was thinking i am, 
well..i've done effort to show it to myself even though its so damn hard..
even though my frens doesn't noticed the different cause they r so busy mending their own life :) .
im thankful to have a very warm,sweet, cherry and funny someone beside me, its my mum of course. 
after all that happend to me, i just realized we r not perfect by ourself. others people complete us. like my mum does. 
she always complete me from the day i was born but i was too blind to see it. i was so deep mad in love with my social life n frens till i actually keeps a distance wit my mum. 
i just seldom talk to her. 
i just dont know what she feels .
and then when one day something  happen, a disaster in my entirely life. that moment i , i just collapsed n trying to even kill myself, that show how much it ache me. 
when i was crying and nearly hard to breathe, its was a killing moment ..but as my mum beautiful hands touched my face and she looked at me and just keep looking for a while and then she hold my hand so tight and she suddenly cry too and she said 
" pls dont cry .. 
my heart so in pain seeing u cry..
im your mother..
u always have me here,i'll never hurt u like others did..". 
that words coming from her, that time really..
i just suddenly stop cryin. 
her tears..her tears ..her angel face..her wide love that shows to me right away..
after 3 years i never realized that..
i just hugged her tightly. 
i never let go for few minutes..
when i hug her..
i felt like all the burden inside me been carried away..
how magical the moment is i never reveal..
but then we started to makes conversatiom, and i told her everything...after this while..she's my bestfriend , my saviour...
she's my soul..
she always listen when i want to talk..
she always speak up when i want to hear..she knows how to make me laugh out loud even when im no in a good mood..
she knows that i love her so much..
like i love her...
i will never be a perfect human, but i know she will always taught me to be just like one...
thanks UMMI..
u complete me...

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