Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary Abah & Ummi


30 Aug 2011
is the 30th anniversary for my parent's marriage.
It late when i write this and will be tomorrow (maybe) by the time my parent are actually able to read this post but these words are better said a little late than never.

My parents gave me any things growing up, shelter, food and love 
the stuff you need to grow and live.
But one of the "Best gifts they gave me was their love for each other"
Their relationship is and has been a wonderful.
Abah and ummi would provide for our family and take care of the details and they would 
"always love each other"

For which i have mostly allah to thank.
But thank you also to you, Abah & ummi
I love you both so dearly and treasure the gift of your marriage.

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